Magnetic Levitation Pen DIY Science Kit

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BE CRE8V (Be Creative) | Learn with most amazing & fun kits. Be Cre8v Maglev, A Magnetic Levitating Pen, An amazing & fun way to learn about science and force of magnets. Its not only a learning toy but an amazing pen stand. The pen magically (actually scientifically:) levitates without any support.

I taught to many different age levels, and are perfect for classroom, parties, and an Ideal Birthday Present.

If you are able to hack and create another version of our kit, be sure to share with us on

  • Encourages Creativity & Cognitive Development
  • Most Fun way to learn about science of magnets & levitation
  • Magical & Fascinating
  • All Assembly Instructions & Material inside
  • No battery or power required |

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